To Our Alumni:








For those who have been apart of our Bulldog Baseball Club, Thank You! You pave the paths for many of our young athletes as they strive to follow in your foot steps with their own baseball journeys. As Alumni, the impact you’ve had on our program and the legacy’s you leave behind for these young individuals is nothing short of amazing. There is so much promise that comes from individuals like yourself such as being a team player, hard work, self motivation, and never fearing failure. Yet through all the blood, sweat and tears, you never lose the love of the game.

We appreciate the time you take to give back. When we host clinics or have workout opportunities, seeing many of you work with our teams has a huge impact overall. Aspiring to one day play at the collegiate level or even further, these young athletes continue to view you as a true inspiration and help keep their dreams alive.

We value and sincerely appreciate the time you have spent with the Bulldog Baseball Club. You are all setting a wonderful example for current and upcoming young athletes.

Thank you again,