The Bulldog Baseball Club is an organization designed for young athletes.  Our purpose is to develop lifelong skills both on and off the baseball field.  We encourage integrity, sportsmanship, a strong work ethic, and emphasize the importance of being a positive role model.  We challenge young players to help them understand the meaning of personal sacrifice for themselves as well as for others.

The Bulldog Baseball Club believes that we have the ability and opportunity to influence those around us using our individual strengths and styles of leadership.  We have a responsibility to represent and uphold integrity, fair play, and proper sportsmanship during any type of athletic competition and extra-curricular activity.  We are aware of the impact our behavior has on our players, parents, as well as the fans.

We strive to teach our players the fundamentals of the game and the importance of character, leadership, and teamwork.  We teach our athletes the significance of a strong work ethic, working through adversity, the importance of maintaining a positive environment on the field, in the dugout and in the stands, and how to respect the game and its participants.

The Bulldog Baseball Club believes that we all gain valuable knowledge from every experience on or off the field, and we apply that knowledge to future opportunities.  We play this game to have fun, challenge ourselves, and make every effort to do our best at all times.